Sai Baba temple has been opened for the darshan to the Devotees by following all the guidelines for darshan.

On the backdrop of COVID-19, considering the directions and guidelines issued by the
government the Sai Baba temple has been opened for the darshan to the Devotees by following all theguidelines for darshan.
Accordingly, initially about 6000 Sai Devotees were planned for darshan in the Samadhi
temple per day. But the number of Sai Devotees visiting Shirdi on public Holidays, Thursdays,
Saturdays and Sundays are increasing gradually. Now more than 15000 Sai Devotees are
coming to Shirdi for darshan on these days.
Considering all the aspects in the above context and on the backdrop of covid-19 the
temple administration can allow maximum 12000 Sai devotees per day for darshan during
peak days by following all the guidelines of the government. If the flow of devotees continues in
this manner, it will be difficult to provide darshan of Shri Saibaba to all Sai Devotees, who come
without prior booking to Shirdi for Darshan. This will also vitiates the covid-19 guidelines.
If the number of devotees exceeds than the prescribed limit of temple, the counters of free
darshan pass distribution centres, as well as darshan queues can lead to an unprecedented situation. Hence on the background of Covid-19, it is necessary to take the following measures so that Sai Devotees can have easy and hassle-free access for darshan.
• Availability of Darshan Pass will be published on daily basis at all entrances of the
temple, Sansthan premises, Bhaktaniwas accommodation centres, Sansthan website,
newspapers, and TV media channels.
• All Sai Devotees coming to Shirdi for Darshan of Shri Saibaba are advised to book
Darshan Pass through the Sai Sansthan’s website and join the queue for
darshan on scheduled date and time only.
• The facility of paid Darshan Pass reservation will be available through sansthan’s
website before 05 days of proposed darshan date and a free Darshan
Pass reservation facility will be available before 02 days of proposed darshan date (This
does not include darshan day)
• It is mandatory for Sai Devotees to upload their own photo/identity card in the system
while making darshan pass reservations through the website It will be
also mandatory for Sai Devotees to carry the same photo ID while coming for darshan.
(Photo / ID non-transferable)
• Sai Devotees who come for darshan will only be allowed for darshan after verification of
photo/identity card.
• As per the availability, free Darshan Passes will be issued in advance a day before at
Shriram Parking centre during 10.00 am to 5.00 pm only. This will be effective for consecutive holidays (i.e. Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays or days of religious importance, etc.)
• However, on availability of Darshan Passes on the above mentioned holidays, free
darshan pass quota will be released for booking of Darshan Passes at the booking centres
from 5.00 am to 10.00 pm only.
• On the background of Covid-19, children below 10 years and persons above 65 years
shall avoid coming for darshan.
• As Sansthan’s accommodation is limited, hence on the background of Covid-19, devotees who desires to seek accommodation at Sansthan’s Bhaktiniwas shall make advance
reservations through website
• Darshan pass distribution centres will only be open, if darshan passes are available for
booking. All devotees shall take note of the above instructions and requested to co-operate to
the Sansthan`s administration.
Important Information –
All the devotees of Shri SaiBaba are exhorted that the Sansthan administrationbtries its best to provide facilities for convenience. Hence devotees are requested to cooperate by following the instructions. On the background of Coved-19 in the event of overcrowding or if the number of devotees exceeds the capacity of temple; it may be
necessary to close down the Darshan queue.
Important Note-

  1. Children below the age of 10 years and persons above 65 years of age shall not come
    for Darshan on the background of Covid-19.
  2. Due to limited occupancy at the Sansthan and on the Background of Covid 19
    devotees may book the rooms at Bhaktaniwas only in advance through the website
  3. It will be necessary to close down the pass delivery counter; if the Darshan passes
    are not available.
  4. Information about the availability of Darshan Pass will be displayed, daily/from time
    to time at Sansthan gates, All devotees take care of it and cooperate with the Sansthan administration.

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