Celebrate the holiday season in style with two special Fans from the house of Fanzart

Fanzart launches two plush models Jumble and Magnolia to welcome the spirit of Yuletide and bid a cheerful adieu to 2020
Synonymous with luxury, class and elegance, Fanzart fans have always been known for their innovative designs and superlative aesthetics.  A perfect balance of form and function, fans from Fanzart seamlessly blend beauty and performance.  In line with its existing legacy of luxurious fans, the company has launched two swanky models just in time for the festive season. 

So, with Santa coming in a tad early, here is your chance to infuse more sparkle to your Christmas décor, more zing to your celebrations and add that much needed cheer as you end what has been one of the most difficult years in recent times.  These fans are sure to add the oomph factor to your interiors while giving your space the perfect upgrade for the festive season. 

These fans are ideal if you want to gift yourself something exclusive and special.  The natural albeit unplanned relation between Christmas and our fans is the kind of emotions they evoke; the feeling of beauty, festivity, joy, intimacy and celebration. They both add art and accentuate the beauty of homes and turn them into designer homes. By design- I mean the perfect blend of beauty, functionality and technology says Mr. Tarun Lala, Executive Director, Fanzart.


Fanzarts Jumble which is akin to a piece of modern art is sure to be a conversation starter in any home.  This one has an ornate design with intertwined LED casing which not only creates the perfect play of light by illuminating your room but also emanates the perfect breeze which is both powerful and refreshing.  This is made possible by vortex blades which is a new technology that displaces copious amounts of air. This statement piece effortlessly adds the designer vibe to your space and is perfectly suited for your living room, foyer area and even bedrooms. 

The cherry on the cake is the fact that this model is built with the Whisper Quiet Technology which is so important for that peaceful, uninterrupted sleep apart from other features that make it both stylish and sustainable.
Cost: INR 29,990/-
Highlights: BLDC Motor, 5D Vortex Blades, Summer Winter Feature.


A symbol of opulence that is crafted in the shape of the beautiful Magnolia flower, Magnolia from Fanzart is perfect for large spaces.  Designed with multi-color LED lights that appear to radiate from the flower, the fan comes with four light options – Warm, Day, White and Mood lighting that allows you to set the right tone and ambience for your space.  This 43-inch ceiling fan not only adds an element of sophistication but also has a unique sleep feature which when turned on alternates speeds. 

This creates a perfect balance between breeze and relief making it a panacea for a good nights sleep.
Cost: INR 29,990/-
Highlights: Whisper Quiet Technology, BLDC Motor, Multicolour Lighting, Summer Winter Feature

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