CM Complements MLA Harshavardhan

Bengaluru: Nanjangud BJP MLA B Harshavardhan’s silent revolution to bring social and qualitative reforms to the lives of the downtrodden has caught the attention of Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai. Not only did the MLA receive a pat on the back, but he was also encouraged to continue his efforts in his entire constituency.
Harshavardhan today met the chief minister in Bengaluru to brief him on how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project of the Swacch Bharat Mission, is being implemented in letter and spirit in a village in Nanjangud. The MLA presented a memento (a portrait) on stoppage of the inhuman practice of physically transporting night soil (human excreta) has been stopped in KR Pura village in Nanjangud.
The MLA informed the Chief Minister that it was his grandfather B Basavalingappa, who had pledged 50 years ago as the state minister to end the practice of carrying night soil as head load.
“My mission now is to end this practice in my constituency. Toilet facilities at KR Pura have been established by constructing drainage system from the residences to the discharge place. There is no longer any physical handling of night soil. This is my way of showing respect to my grandfather, “ Harshavardhan told the Chief Minister.
Touched by Harshavardhan’s resolve the Chief Minister read the contents of the memento (a portrait). Basavaraj Bommai congratulated Harshavardhan on his zeal to bring structural changes to society. He also urged that infrastructure be built throughout the Nanjangud constituency to root out the social evil of physically clearing the night soil.

For More Information, contact:

Shri. B. Harshavardhan
MLA – Nanjangud
M: 9980099955 | Email:

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