Appeal to our Honorable Government to include Photography, Videography and other related workers under unorganized worker’s category and provide them all the existing benefits.

Photography is an unique art which has completed 183 years. Crores of people are involved in this sector throughout the world. Likewise, in Karnataka there are about three lakh people working in this sector and taking care of their families.

Photography sector includes photographers, videographers, studio owners and assistants, editors, album designers, LED wall technicians, etc. They are annually paying crores of rupees as tax to the Government. Hence, there is no doubt that Government is being profited. Unfortunately, no assistance has been given to us during this pandemic. Due to the strict lockdown protocols, there has abeen a huge loss to our business. We have brought our grievances to Government’s notice several times, but no action has been taken. Government has neglected our sector and has included other new sectors as unorganized and giving them the required assistance and subsides. The media consists of our photographers and videographers, elected representatives daily use their services and are aware of their situation, but have turned a deaf ear towards their appeal.

In this regard, Karnataka Unorganized Photography Career Group Central Association (R) has requested our Honorable Government to include photography and videography under unorganized worker’s category and provide them all the existing benefits.

President, Karnataka Rajya Unorganized Chaya Chitragrahana Vrutti Balagada Kendra Sangha (R) So. Shi. Rajashekar Mob: 78299222028

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