Baseless allegation on Karuna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka

With reference to the above, we bring to your kind notice that Karuna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka, Bangalore was started as BSPCA in 1916 and the name was Changed to Karuna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka, Bangalore on 2001. Karuna is involved in giving succour to animals in pain and distress and providing shelter to accident, abandoned and orphaned animals. It also educates children and the public through seminars and workshops on humane education and teaches them to be compassionate towards all animals.

The activities of Karuna is herein enclosed with a brochure. Even before the advent of societies for prevention of cruelty to animals by the state government, Karuna was in the forefront giving help to injured animals and propagating animal welfare. Karuna being an NG0, does not receive any assistance either financial or material from the state or the union government nor does it receive any foreign aid. With this background Karuna functions with financial and material help in the form of donations from the philanthropic public. Evincing interest in the functioning of Karuna, the Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala, Sri.Veerendra Heggade, built an animal shelter for Karuna.

In recent times, seeing the growth of Karuna both in infrastructure and services rendered, several non government organisations and self proclaimed animal Welfare activists and other vested interests are heaping accusations on the functioning of Karuna.

Allegations: 1. The organisation is being run on Government land: Answer: As per the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, land was granted in 1975 and shelter and other buildings were constructed in 1978. This understanding is valid till 2035. This cannot be violated until such date i.e 2035. The property tax of the land and lease amount is being paid annually to the BBMP and the university respectively.

2. Demanding money from people who have come to leave their companion animals at Karuna. Answer: As mentioned above, Karuna does not receive any funds from the authorities concerned. Karuna functions based on the philanthropic donations received from animal lovers and animal owners who use the facilities at the Karuna shelter.

3. Helpless Animal s are being killed brutally at the Karuna animal Shelter: Answer : This allegation is baseless, for a large percentage of animals which come to the Karuna shelter are terminally ill, aged, ferocious and suspected rabies cases. At all times the animals that are sheltered are being given necessary veterinary care 24/7 and are given nutritious food, and sheltered with proper management.

4. Public are not being allowed to visit the animal shelter: Answer: Everyday, animal owners and the public are allowed to visit during stipulated hours. However visits are restricted due to pandemic and zoonotic importance.

As regards the above allegations, the Hon. Government of Karnataka has constituted an enquiry committee to look into and report on 11th August 2021. But the few committee members in the enquiry team who were involved in making the allegations against Karuna are in the enquiry committee constituted by the Hon. Government of Karnataka. Due to this reason we sought the stay to get fair enquiry, the Hon. High court of Karnataka has issued a stay order to the enquiry committee on 7th September 2021.

D.T. Jayaramaiah


City Today News


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