German market leader in financial and tax software, Buhl group announces introduction of game changing Point of Sale (P.O.S) solution on its flagship product Imprezz

Invests 5 million Euros in Indian operations; lists over 200,000 household brands and products on its P.O.S feature on the android app targeting single outlets and mom-n-pop retail stores.

Bengaluru, 5th October 2021: German pioneer and market leader in financial and tax software, The Buhl Group, with an annual turnover of € 150 million with 13 offices across Europe and Asia and 50 software products, today announced its plans for India, with a vision to enable and transform the country’s various businesses. Imprezz is a business operations software that manages accounting, GST compliant invoicing, inventory, customer data, order processing etc for various industries like services, manufacturing, automobile, and more. What makes Imprezz unique is its Point of Sale (P.O.S) solution on the mobile app with 2,00,000 available product data for grocery and kirana merchants.

The Imprezz software application which is available both on web and as an android app has helped business from diverse industries generate invoices worth ₹ 600 crores from more than 22,000 small and medium businesses. With the launch of its end-to-end Point of Sale (P.O.S) solution on the mobile app, Imprezz promises to be a game changer for the neighbourhood grocery and kirana stores by providing a feature equivalent to a cash register popularly used by the retailers to manage their sales, inventory and customer data. The P.O.S application has been successfully beta tested by over 100 retailers across Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Announcing the group’s plans for India India, Moritz Buhl, Managing Director and CEO, The Buhl Group, said, “We are happy to introduce the P.O.S solution on our flagship product Imprezz for the Indian market. India is one of the largest retail market in the world and yet is unique in that it is characterized by its unorganised retail, primarily kirana stores. The pandemic in the last year has forced retailers to adopt digitisation more than ever before and we feel this is just the right time to offer Imprezz P.O.S to the retail market here. Our test phase in Bangalore has provided us a very positive response and we are looking to scale pan-India soon. We are confident in the leadership spearheaded by our country head Amit and in the team that he has put together for us here”

Amit Mundra, CEO and Country Manager, Buhl Data Service Pvt. Ltd. added, “India was among the few countries world over to show growth in retail sales in 2020. The retail market size in India is expected to grow to 1.7 trillion USD by 2026, according to a report by Statista. Groceries contribute to 65% of India’s retail and more than half of them belong to the unorganised segment – single outlet supermarket and neighbourhood provision stores. Therefore, it is only appropriate for us to target this vertical for Imprezz in the initial phase of its launch in India. We have listed over 200,000 brands on the P.O.S mobile app even as we launch and we hope to expand this to another 500,000 in the next three months. Such a large and comprehensive listing of brands and products and the app’s capability to address inventory management, invoicing, payments and customer profile management and overall supply chain, together make it compelling for retailers to adopt it, making their processes more efficient and their lives easier.”

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