Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC), a non-partisan citizen’s group that aims to improve governance in Bengaluru and to enhance the quality of life of every Bengalurean targeting good governance practices, integrity and transparency in all arms of the government, improving the quality of infrastructure in the city.

B.CLIP Alumni is an association of B.CLIP Graduates who have completed The B.PAC Civic Leadership Incubator Program (B.CLIP), a flagship initiative by BPAC that selects, trains and supports talented individuals who wish to transform Bengaluru city by equipping them with skills in publie policy analysis, municipal administration, political landscape and election campaign dynamics, who aim to contest municipal elections,

This prestigious association is coming together to host the second edition of the BENGALURU WOMAN ACHIEVERS AWARD 2022 which will showcase change makers across 198 wards of Bengaluru ,wherein Women Achievers are identified by a direct nomination through online which will be scrutinized and selected by a special Jury, The nominations are sought for woman achievers across all wards of Bengaluru who with their immense commitment and relentless contributions have worked towards the Betterment of Bengaluru and strived in making their Neighbourhoods and Wards a better place, thus enhance the quality of life in their respective wards.We have instituted this award, not just to felicitate women achievers, but also to, set a benchmark for future generations to follow, The idea is to seek bhelp and support from everyone so that, both women and men ean work together towards empowering women. We are here to motivate women to do/continue the good work and attain goals by carving out their own place.

This platform will enable people from across the city to discuss, acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women that have overcome great cultural and social barriers to become exemplary role models within their communities. BCLIP Alumni & BENGALURU WOMAN ACHIEVERS AWARD 2022 applauds and celebrates professional and personal achievements of not only women who have succeeded in their communities but also women who are taking positive steps for building a better future.Distinguished and eminent woman achievers from all strata of society will come together to felicitate these outstanding achievers for the difference they have made to the city of Bengaluru.

Nominations are taken from the general public online & are after being subjected to rigorous reviews by our Awards committee and then shortlisted & selected to receive this prestigious honour. The motto of our awards is to empower, encourage, applaud and create more achievers. The award committee will he headed by Shri consist of the following members

1. Ms.Mimi Partha Sarathy-Entrepreneur combining wealth management and Wellness

2. Ms.Padmini Ravi, Director at Padmini Dance Academy

3. Ms.Vani Murthy, Founder Member, SWMRT

4. Dr Vasu

5. Ms.Pooja Prasanna, Journalist

This prestigious award ceremony to be held on, March 17th 2022, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, at the Orion Mall, Brigade Gateway,Dr Rajkumar ward, Bangalore. We request your kind co-operation of our media friends in this regard.

For any queries or further clarity call: Kaveri Kedarnath : +91 93797 30303

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