Mirchi and the Bangalore Traffic Police join hands to distribute helmets across the city

Bangalore 23rd, February, 2022: Mirchi, India’s No. 1 music and entertainment company has always spearheaded key initiatives for the wellbeing of their listeners. This February, Mirchi 98.3 collaborated with the traffic police in Bangalore to launch their initiative ‘Helmet Idu, Tale Irorige Maatra’, wherein the brand distributed over 500 helmets to riders across the city.

In line with recent reports on the increasing two-wheeler road accidents in the city, Mirchi launches this initiative to promote the usage of helmets across the city. Through the activity, Mirchi not only aims to aid more riders with a safe travel, but also create awareness about the importance of meeting ISI safety standards as per the protocol set by the Bengaluru Traffic Police.
The initiative ‘Helmet Idu, Tale Irorige Maatra’ was rolled out across multiple platforms including radio and digital. While the Bangalore Traffic Police provided support with distributing the helmets at traffic signals across the city, Mirchi used the power of radio to create awareness about the initiative and educate their listeners about the importance of abiding by the road safety protocols. With the help of professional riders like Gowtham Naidu, Swathi R and Srigandh to name a few, and with the support of popular influencers like Sneha Shenoy, Sandeep Gowda, Vinay Bharadwaj, Vaishnavi Gowda, Rishi and Bhoomi Shetty, Mirchi successfully created a large impact on riders across the city.
Expressing his view on the activity DCP Bengaluru Traffic Police, KM Shantaraju says, “ For last 20 to 25 days we are running an awareness campaign to encourage riders to wear helmets that meet safety standards that is helmets with ISI standards. Mirchi 98.3 has also been doing an awareness campaign on the same lines. I wish them the best”

Commenting on the activity M N Hussain (Business Director- Karnataka, AP & Telangana) says, “At Mirchi, we have always believed in making our listeners happy, be it through the vast library of content we provide or through the initiatives we take. In a city like Bangalore, traffic has always been a point of concern. However, over the last few year, the number of accidents have only increased. Understanding the importance of road safety in a city like Bangalore, we launched the ‘Helmet Idu, Tale Iririge Maatra’. Through this initiative our goal was to create awareness about the reality of the Bangalore traffic, as well and educate people on the ISI protocols that these riders must follow. We were thrilled to see the response from the initiative and look forward to seeing a better, safer Bangalore.
Mirchi distributed helmets on-ground, on-air and on through the support of their digital platforms.

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