Shiva Rajkumar presents an endearing and unconventional take on arranged marriages in India with the Kannada series, ‘Honeymoon’, coming soon on Voot Select!

~ Starring Nagabhushana, Sanjana Anand, Pawan Kumar, Apoorva Bharadwaj, Anand Ninasam and Archana Kotige in prominent roles, Honeymoon is a heart-warming tale of an unconventional Indian marriage set-up ~

~Ahead of its exclusive premiere on Voot Select, team ‘Honeymoon’ unveiled the Kannada series’ trailer in a press launch event held in Bangalore~

National, 12th May 2022Viacom18’s digital offering, Voot Select has established itself as one of the fastest-growing streaming platforms in India that backs distinct stories with its robust repertoire. In a bid to expand its regional content offering, the platform braces for the exclusive premiere of the Kannada series ‘Honeymoon’. Ahead of the romantic drama’s release on Voot Select, the trailer of the series was unveiled in a press launch event held in Bangalore!

Produced by Shiva Rajkumar and written by Nagabhushana, the six-episodic series, headlined by Nagabhushana and Sanjana Anand, also boasts of Pawan Kumar, Apoorva Bharadwaj, Anand Ninasam and Archana Kotige in supporting roles.

The plot of Honeymoon follows the events that unfold after a newlywed couple, Praveen (played by Nagabhushana) and Tejaswini (played by Sanjana Anand), jet off to Kerala for their honeymoon after tying the knot in an arranged marriage. With an unconventional marriage of a timid man and an outspoken dominant woman, the story of this romantic drama focuses on Praveen and Tejaswini’s unforgettable honeymoon rife with major ups and downs.

Shiva Rajkumar commented, “There are so many good Kannada stories waiting to be told and so many storytellers waiting to be recognized. The story of Honeymoon excited me and since my daughter was also involved in this project, I went ahead and provided my full support. Am happy that Voot has been focusing on quality regional content and am sure this show will entertain audiences across all age groups alike.”

Sharing some details about his character in Honeymoon, Nagabhushana said“Comedy is my strength. During my initial days, I used to create digital content on my YouTube channel called KEB. This helped me bag Honeymoon. We had many memorable moments during the shoot. I hurt myself and completed the entire Kerala shooting schedule with stitches. Am extremely ugly photograph showing me with stitches appeared in the local newspaper, saying Kannada actor who came here for shooting, hurt himself. Although, at that time, it was a serious situation, we still have a good laugh when we look back at that photo today.”

Sanjana Anand continued“Getting under the skin of Tejaswini was quite exciting. She likes living life on her terms. Her character in Honeymoon is very dominant, the one who does not shy away from voicing her opinion on every possible thing. Her highly opinionated nature makes it difficult for her to adjust to an arranged marriage setup, which is the situation in most of the Indian households. The honeymoon phase plays very different roles in arranged marriages and love marriages. Our show has portrayed the need for this private time in arranged marriages very meaningfully.”

To immerse yourself in the world of Praveen and Tejaswini, get ready for ‘Honeymoon’, coming soon on Voot Select!

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