FPA India is a national voluntary organisationSince 2004 FPA India (FPAI) has been working with LGBT individuals and their partners to address their sexual and reproductive health needs, including concerns around HIV. FPAI has also worked closely with male sex workers and transgender groups- mobilizing them to form CBOS and advocating for their rights. The stigma-free services provided by FPAI have been widely accepted by the community and they continue to access services from all its static as well as outreach clinics.

Our recent work with LGBT communities included awareness sessions, health check-up camps, and joint events such as observation of days held at different FPA India branches. In 2020, nearly 17950 transgender people obtained services from FPAI. The number of queer people obtained services other than those who identified as ‘other gender’ etc is very difficult to estimate, as a policy, FPA India do not request the clients to disclose their sexual orientation and gender identity.

FPA India Bengaluru Branch has been awarded with the project titled MOVEMENT ACCELERATOR PROJECT by HQs.

The project focus on working with Lesbians, Transman and Bisexual Women and Queer community to understand their issues/ needs and give them a platform to voice their concerns and visibility through social media/online platforms.

Lesbian and bisexual women are part of a diverse community with various health concerns. While all women have specific health risks, lesbian, bisexual women and Transman ( L,B,T) are at a higher risk for certain diseases than other women. The health concerns and violence faced by Lesbian, Bisexual ,Transman are absent in scientific literature hence there are lack of evidence to show the problems /issues faced by this community.

Deliverable under this project are :

• Create a safe space for LT commundiios to assess friendly services like SRH and counselling. Service provider will also addrons lesbian, Bioexual, Trans men issues through specialised counselling. • And develop online/ social media plast forn and viulbty and support.

FPA India is an SRH organisation, the identity of any clients in respect to their sexual orientation is not identified when they visit the clinic. All information and identities, case papers are kept safely and not shared with anyone. The services providers will be capacitated to deal with Lesbian/bisexual issues sensitively. Referral support will be developed keeping in mind the sexual orientation of the clients and online, digital help will be made available whenever required keeping in mind the safety of the client.

We have created space for LBT Communities. We urge that LBT communities to make use of this space and participate to know more.

Dr. Padmini Prasad, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Sexologist & Dr. Akkai Padmashali, Founder ONDEDE Trangender activist & Dr. Sharada Nasimath, President, FPA India Bengaluru Branch were present in the press meet at Press club of Bangalore

FPA India, Bengaluru.

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