TTK Prestige’s innovative Tri-Ply Tope cookware offers durability and health benefits

–          Can be used for multiple purposes

–          Tri-ply cookware is reinforced with three layers comprising stainless-steel and aluminum

–          Uniform  cooking ensuring that food doesn’t get burnt or remain under-cooked

Home-cooks are spoilt for choice with a myriad of cookware options. However, how do you decipher which is the right choice for your kitchen? If you are looking for an innovative, long-lasting and durable cookware that will stand the test of time, look no further than TTK Prestige’s Tri-Ply Tope cookware.  Thiscookware comprises three different layers of metal bonded together. This includes stainless steel and aluminum, which is renowned for its durability and can be used for many years.

The Tope can be used for multiple purposes such as boiling, sautéing, poaching, simmering and heating. TTK Prestige’s new range offers enhanced functionality coupled with stunning good looks. The cookware is reinforced with three layers of 304 grade stainless steel on the top, aluminum in between and induction compatible stainless steel at the bottom. This ensures that the TTK Prestige Tope range offers unmatched toughness. One of the key plus points of using Tope cookware is that the heat during the cooking process gets distributed evenly. Therefore the food is cooked uniformly and doesn’t burn nor remain under-cooked.

Over the last 66 years, TTK Prestige has emerged into the go-to kitchen appliances brand for home-cooks across the country. The brand operates on the pillars of innovation, trust, safety and durability, which forms the basis of every TTK Prestige product. Right from inception, the brand has addressed the pain points of home-cooks across the country. TTK Prestige’s Tope range is the perfect choice of cookware for those that are looking for a healthy option.

Tri-Ply Tope with a lid comes in various sizes such as 12cm, 14cm, 16cm, 18cm, 20cm, 22cm and 24cm.  This range can be conveniently used both on a gas stove and induction cooktop.  The range is available at Prestige Xclusive stores, select dealer outlets, our exclusive e-store and other leading ecommerce sites.

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