R J Sankara Eye Hospital to conduct 6500 free eye surgeries this financial year 

-Free surgeries to be conducted as part of its first anniversary-

-Hospital performed over 3000 surgeries and examined 18903 patients in last one year-

Maharashtra, July 19, 2022: R. Jhunjhunwala Sankara Eye Hospital, that completed one year of its eye care services, said will conduct the 6500 free eye surgeries this year. The hospital successfully performed over 3000 free eye surgeries and examined a total of 18,903 patients in the outpatient department. 

Over the last one year, doctors and specialists like paediatric ophthalmologist, cornea ophthalmologist, cataract ophthalmologist, retina specialist, glaucoma specialist, oculoplasty specialist and doctors of various disciplines of the hospital successfully performed various types of eye surgeries to give vision to the patients.

Honourable MLA of Panvel, Shri. Prashant G. Thakur who appreciated the work of the Hospital, said: “We thank the doctors and staff of the hospital for providing quality eye services. I would request the doctors to conduct cataract surgeries in our region which sees many such patients. I am sure that the hospital will take care of these needs and extend its service to the people and remain committed to society as it has always been.”  

Dr. Rajesh Kapse, Unit Head of the Hospital, said: “We thank the government for its support to eye care services. We intend to take our work far and wide and have the vision of building a blind-free world. We follow the policy of 80 per cent and 20 per cent in which the 20 per cent would pay the costs for eye treatment, and through them we subsidize the treatment for rest of the population. We want the under-privileged and the needy to have access to low-cost but high-quality eye care.”

The Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital-Dr. Girish Budharani, Unit Head of the Hospital – Dr. Rajesh Kapse, and Public Eye Health Manager-Sachin Bhoomkar were also present and thanked everyone for making the celebration a success.

City Today News – 9341997936

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