‘Abracadabra’ at Nexus Koramangala Mall

– Get immersed in rooms full of illusions –

Bangalore, August, 2022: Building onto the catchphrase “Har Din Kuchh Naya” as part of their refreshed brand identity, Nexus Malls is always pushing the bar by planning the most unique experiences and events for the patrons. In line with that commitment Nexus Koramangala Mall, the most loved mall of the city, launches ‘Abracadabra’, an experiential set up with themes such as ‘Alligator’s Mouth’, ‘Windy Pole’, which Is not only innovative but will let you sync in your reality with your dreams in a way like never before.

An escape from reality is what we all need from time to time and ‘Abracadabra’ is here to bring you just that. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world upside down? Or be part of Gulliver’s World? Or for the wilder ones, flying from a pole? Our imaginations run wild but thanks to this custom-made studio at Nexus Koramangala Mall, one can now wander through a room full of immersive large-scale illustrations merging their long-cherished imaginations into reality. 

For the shutterbugs, you can capture some real Insta and FB worthy pictures or make some mind-blowing reels with surreal illustrations in your background and flaunt them all over social media. The setup is currently live at Nexus Koramangala Mall and will be open to all age group coming to the mall.  So do remember to drop everything and walk into Nexus Koramangala Mall If you want to immerse yourself in this larger-than-life experience. 

Where: Nexus Koramangala Mall, Bangalore

When: Ongoing


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