Murders of Shri Masud , Shri Praveen Nettaru , Shri Mohammed Fazil a result of the collapse of rule of law under Shri B.S.Bommai

The future of youth of Karnataka in danger if this administration continues Call for UP Model , call for encounter an insult to the police , judiciary and the Constitution The glaring discrimination in how the Chief Minister and his administration treated the three murders is a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution Karnataka is in a crisis today , a man – made crisis with Shri B S Bommai and his ineffective council of ministers responsible for the same . Human civilisations across the world chose to form governments . to implement the ‘ Rule of Law , so that there is no chaos , so that a few people do not take law into their own hands . In Karnataka today , the rule of law has collapsed . The administration seems to exists only for the workers of a party . The Chief Minister discriminates even in death , visiting the house of his party worker and ignoring those killed because of the hate he fuelled . There is no pretense of equality also anymore . What is worse , the Chief Minister gives an interview where he says he will follow the ‘ Hindutva Rule of Law . Murders a result of the encouragement of hatred , police inaction and discriminatory attitude of officials The murders of Shri Masud , Shri Praveen and Shri Fazil are not isolated incidents . They are a result of a build up of a cocktail of hate and impunity . When Shri Bommai justified violence in the name of ‘ Action and Reaction ‘ in 2021 , it opened the floodgates for violence . 1. Police inaction In the presence of policemen , we have seen goondas of BJPand Sangh Parivar affiliated organisations indulging in violence – they crushed the watermelons of Shri Nabisaab , they indulge in hate – speech calling for violence against Muslims , threatened to forcibly enter mosques and perform pooja . In January 2022 , Shri Sanju Nalvade of Bajrang Dal despite being named in an FIR , was allowed to make a hate speech calling for violence against Muslims , in front of a police station . Hours later Shri Sameer Shahpur was killed in the same town . 2. Discriminatory Attitude of Officials In Bangalore , police who cancelled a protest by civil society groups because the banner said ” In Solidarity with Hijab wearing students ” allow Hindutva groups to hold a protest at Town Hall in violation of court orders , where placards are held saying ” Beware of Islam ” . They fail to take action when people at the protest spread fake news saying ” madrasas ask students to kill kaffirs ” etc. 3. Encouragement of hatred by the goverment .

This government actually encourages people to hate . When Shri Chandru was killed in Bangalore and the Police Commissioner tweeted saying that it had nothing do with religion but was because of a petty fight , the Home Minister gave it a non – existing communal overtones . Members of groups like Srit Ram Sene give speeches calling for rape and murder of minorities . In Belgaum , members of the Sri Ram Sene were involved in the beheading of Shri Arbaz , Members of the VHP are alleged to be the killers of Shri Masud . The Chief Minister and his party instead of acting against these organisations encourages them , invites them for meetings and poses for photographs with them . Statements of CM and his ministers will encourage more violence The Constitutional obligation of the State is to maintain peace and respect the law . However this administration seems to create the grounds for more violence . We are not at all shocked that the Chief Minister speaks of bringing the UP model , while his minister speaks of staging fake encounters . This not only displays their inability and lack of will to govern , but also fuels hate and makes the conditions of people worse . The Karnataka model was given to us by Basavanna when he said ” Ivanaarava , Ivanaarava Iva nammava ” . It was given to us by Kuvempu who said this is ‘ Sarva Janangada Shantiya Thota ” . We do not want a UP model or fake encounters . We want Kuvempu’s Sarva Janangada Shantiya Thota , we want a government which will follow its Constitutional duty . A government which fails to comply with its Constitutional Duty has no moral or ethical right to continue . Demands In order to ensure that everyone in Karnataka has a secure , safe and dignified future , we demand the following 1. The constitutional obligations of the state have been clearly detailed out by the Sureme Court in various judgement such as Tehseen Poonawalla vs Union of India ( AIR 2018 SC 3354 ) and also the Guidelines on Communal Harmony , 2008. This are detailed in annexure a . We have repeatedly brough to the notice of the government these obligations , but they have faled to act on it . It must be done so immediately . 2 . The Chief Minister apologise to the state for the three murders . He must apologise for his statement calling for the UP model and withdraw the same 3. The Chief Minister must take action against Dr.Ashwatnarayan for openly advocating illegal means to end violence 4. Action kust be taken against Pramod Muthalik , Koli Swamy , Mr.Eswharappa and other hate mongers 5. The Chief Minister must act against the media who include in rumour – mongering and spreading hatred 6. The Chief Minister must visit the homes of Fazil , Masud , Sahabaz , Sameer and announce compensation for all 7. The administration must Immediately hold dialogues with the youth on their concerns regarding education and job creation If the Chief Minister cannot act on any of these demands , he must immediately resign from his post . – 9341997936)

City Today News – 9341997936

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