Grand Master M.H Abid invited, to his center for Physical Fitness and Self Defense education in Basavanagudi, Gandhi Bazar

Grand Master M.H Abid invited, to his center for Physical Fitness and Self Defense education
in Basavanagudi, Gandhi Bazar, invited prominent printed media agencies for a press release. Following his practice of inclusiveness and comprehensiveness of all sectors of society in his message, Grand Master conducted an open press meet to highlight the paramount role the press plays in the betterment of society. This press meet is the third within the last week of January, following the inauguration of Combat Warriors” center that offers comprehensive and holistic lessons for both physical and mental fitness. Within one festive week Grand Master Abid managed to gather under his center’s roof influential personalities of India to shed light on his vision of a healthier and a more secure society.

Starting off the ceremony with his welcome speech, Grand Master Abid mended the definition of self defense and fitness, an image that has long been exploited on a financial and moral scale Self Defense as a sentence has been thrown around and almost devalued by posers and opportunists who had taken advantage of the trendiness of self preservation and the global movement towards a healthier body and mind. In the event of a major surgery, would you trust your body to go under the knife of a self proclaimed surgeon who has read a reference or two?

How can you entrust your bodily reflexes otherwise to a self proclaimed self defense teacher

who would showcase a screaming routine they picked up on their youtube timepass?

Grand Master Abid inaugurated this center in Basavanagudi to set the standards for Self Defense through the “Bichwa’ system, a traditional Indian Unarmed Combat Art passed down for the 5th generation in his family. Bichwa self defense system is a holistic course that prepares both body and mind, elevates awareness builds self confidence in order to sharpen the instincts in the case of a regular day pressure of the unfortunate event of an accident. This helps the body to balance its negativity and divert it into its preservation and will be discouraged to abuse any substance as an escape mechanism,

The empowerment offered by such courses is that it can be used by women and girls for self protection against imminent dangers of unexpected situation like a hold-up, Road rage, Molestation. Personal violence and Torture perpetrated on them by known or unknown persons. Self defense isn’t a jab or a kick, it is rather the sharpening and awaking of instincts suppressed by the fast changing lifestyle and practices, Fitness goes beyond the walls of a training center to envelop our mental health, our diet, including the way we face any stressful situation.

Additionally, one of Grand Master MH Abid’s students, Priyanka BS, is a trained instructor in and is the co-founder and the Managing Director of Combat Warriors and TuitionPlus. She has dedicated her career for the welfare and betterment of women and children along with being a dedicated educator and administrator.

This center in Gandhi Bazar is offering well paced curriculums for all age groups and backgrounds following the holistic creed of enabling every individual with a steadfast stanice. A subsidized instructor course will be offered By Grand Master Abid and Coach Priyanka BS to locals and more specifically Homemakers to fit them with the flexibility of earning money by teaching Bichwa self defense and fitness. Aspiring actresses and Actors will find many opportunities to enhance their action scenes and body language, and perhaps bump into Sandalwood and Bollywood icons that frequent the training center. Many of Grand Master Abid’s disciples have extended to become Bollywood actors and Action Directors, Celebrity figures and Industrialists and Philanthropists of repute. The Gandhi Bazar, Basavanagudi center also offers “office fitness” courses tailored for people leading a busy full day duty, enabling them to preserve their health and be able to celebrate the fruits of their hard work with their loved ones. The training uses no equipment to further flexibility of the students who join this regimen of focused training which will ease their path in life.

Actor Mir Sarwar who started his training with Grand Master 20 years ago has won 2 gold medals that time, and our hearts recently through his exceptional performance in movies like “Kesari” and “Mission Majnu that trended No. 1 on OTT. Mir Sarwar exalted the training with an icon like Grand Master Abid, and how it promoted his career from modeling into theater and then blockbuster movies, urging young and well placed artists, equally, to join the hero making center

Sandalwood Actress Alisha who has been featured in more than 150 productions so far emphasized the importance of Bichwa self defense, being a state of mind one puts themselves around to protect oneself. She advised females to join the classes and specially invited home makers to join the subsidized self defense certification which can enable them to earn a living by giving tuition to both children and adults.

Mr Radha Krishna Holla, a retired district judge of great reverence, shed light on the rights of every individual of self defense based on the section 106 of the Indian Penal code which exempts a few offenses on the basis of deterring direct harm away from oneself in the spur of the moment. Judge Holla otherwise directed people to seek justice through police and the umbrella of the constitution. Going back through his memories, he shared how he got to meet Grand Master Abid first when he enrolled both his girls in Bichwa self defense classes noting that though he got the personal protection of the police his girls were facing life away from him and were exposed to many incidents that could get in their way. Every day in the news are, sadly, articles about violence and attacks, and judge Holla disclosed a few heartbreaking cases that appeared in his court and he encouraged women to join self defense to stand up for themselves.

Mr RajaSimha, a distinguished scientist with many astonishing patents in his portfolio addressed the invitees to highlight how one should be well fit and strong to avert aggressions and thereby demotivating perpetrators. Mr Rajsima summoned some memories with Grand Master Abid during their trip to Thailand where Grand Master Abid proudly raised the Indian flag and placed our nation on the world map of fitness and self defense. With cases of chain and purse snatching happening in many corners, a victim should be able to turn the table on the aggressor and give back. Self defense goes further and beyond averting an incident, it helps establish self awareness and confidence in order to build a great nation

Last but not the least, in a city as congested with traffic snarls as Bengaluru, we tend to forget the enormous efforts the quick response teams sacrifice to reach in time and resuscitate anyone in a dangerous position. Since those split seconds can really make the difference between life and death, every individual should learn basic first aid and CPR techniques. Combat Warriors center in Basavanagudi is offering Courses and Certifications under Professional coaching Organisations to make our precious Garden City a healthier, more Caring and a safer place for the citizens of this community in particular and the great nation at large.

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