‘Love is in the Air’ for Kannada users on the ShareChat app

Language is an emotional thread that connects people instantly as it is a symbol of shared-human experiences. To deepen this connection even in the social media space, ShareChat provides content and community access to Indians in 15 regional languages. With the ease of access to smartphones and high-speed internet, regional creators have started dominating the Indian content ecosystem. The language-first approach empowers the Bharat audience to create content, create communities, and consume content of their interest in their preferred language, making their experience on social media much more holistic and engaging.

Regarded as the ‘Queen of all languages’, Kannada is the mother tongue of over 50 Million people across the state of Karnataka and neighboring areas. Kannada users are also extremely active in social media consumption, and helped Karnataka top the list of the chattiest regions in the country, according to a recent report by Sharechat. ShareChat served 8 Million+ Kannada language users in the month of November and the cities that topped the chart in the language were Bangalore, Chennai, and Mangalore. To dive deeper into what interests the audience, ShareChat revisited the consumption patterns of the Kannada-speaking audience from the past year. Here are some interesting insights for you to dive into!

As per ShareChat, ‘Romance and Relationship’ is the most loved content genre among the Kannada Speaking audience on the platform, followed by the Cinema and Humor category.

‘Romance and Relationship’

With over 20 billion+ views and interest from over 45% of the Kannada-speaking audience, romance and relationships turned out to be the most viewed category in the Kannada language. Users from Bangalore, Chennai, and Mangalore were the forerunners of creating content with romantic stories and anecdotes, with over 1 Lakh creators uploading more than 2 Million content pieces. muddu____creation, has garnered a total of over 500 million views for all their posts on ShareChat in 2022, making them the topmost creator in the romance and relationship category in the Kannada Language.

Cinema and TV

The film industry is a major attraction for the Indian audience and Kannada users seem to enjoy cinematic content more than others. Bytes from films and TV shows, celebrity gossip, and other related content garnered more than 14 Billion views on the app, with interest from nearly 20% of Kannada users on the platform. Over 25k creators from cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, and Mangalore managed to garner millions of views on 2.6 Lakh content pieces they created. Dolly Ravi single-handedly garnered over 53 million views on the film-centric content they made in the year 2022.

Humor and Fun

Laughter is the best medicine, and the Kannada audience on ShareChat users seemed to have enjoyed this medicine more than ever this year. With more than 13 Billion+ views, comedy content was enjoyed by over 12% of the total Kannada users across Bangalore, Mangalore, and Chennai. These cities are home to nearly 40k creators uploading over 2 Lakh content pieces with humorous and comical tones. @0000ms topped the creator chart with over 1 billion views on the funny content they created.


Another widely watched category among Kannada users was devotion, with about 10% of the total Kannada userbase enjoying the category. The content relating to prayer, and worship, garnered 12 Billion+ views on the platform, from Kannada speakers across Bangalore and Chennai. These top regions are home to over 50k creators who produce over 7 Lakh content pieces on the lines of cultural themes and religious festivities and saw major traction from the Kannada audience. @sundreshappu, the top creator in the category, single-handedly garnered over 90 million views on the content they created this year.

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