Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland wins yet another award at India Icons Award 2023  for ROI and sustainable farming innovations

Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland, a pioneering farmland project in India located in Hosur, has won the coveted ‘India Icons Award 2023’ in the ‘India’s Most Recommended High ROI Sandalwood Farmland & Hospitality Project for 2023’ category for its innovative business model focused on return on investment (ROI) and nature conservation. The project, which only launched in December 2021, has enjoyed a surge in sales owing to its visually stunning sandalwood farmland projects.

The India Icons Awards 2023, held recently at Taj in Bangalore, concluded successfully and featured eminent personalities from a diverse range of industries across India. The Bangalore-based Brandz Magazine presented the prestigious award, which was judged by a panel of leading industry experts. 

The panel assessed the quality of the farmland, the effectiveness of the farming techniques being used, the potential for a high return on investment, the level of customer satisfaction, landscape design, aesthetic appeal, sustainability-focused farming innovations, environmentally-friendly practices, and the positive impact of the project on the local community of each nominee.

The recognition comes as a testament to Sanvi’s unique business model that combines sustainable sandalwood cultivation with eco-friendly hospitality, offering investors a chance to earn high returns while contributing to nature conservation.

Ajay, one of the Managing Partners at Sanvi Infra Developers received the award and express his joy, “Our team at Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland is dedicated to not only providing top-notch farmland services and engineering quality but also to ensure the conservation of our natural resources. We take pride in the accomplishments we’ve made in these areas, and we will continue to prioritize them as we move forward. It is our belief that nature and business can coexist in harmony, and we are committed to proving that through our work”

Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland is located in Hosur, just an hour away from Electronic City and an hour and a half from Koramangala, Bangalore. The sprawling 360-acre project offers investors an opportunity to purchase a minimum of 10,000 sq. ft. of land, out of which 70% is leased back to Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland for a sandalwood plantation. The remaining 30% is reserved for the owner’s personal use, where they can build a beautiful farmhouse with a breathtaking view of the sandalwood plantation.

Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland’s unique revenue-based business model allows investors to earn a monthly income and capital appreciation on their investment, while Sanvi takes care of the plantation, maintenance, and harvesting of sandalwood trees for the next 15 years. Sandalwood is widely regarded as the most sacred tree and has a high market value, making it a lucrative investment opportunity.

Investors who purchase land in Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland are offered 15 complimentary fruit plants, including four coconut trees. Sanvi takes care of the maintenance of these plants, making it the perfect recreational spot for investors to visit and watch their plants grow in the lush green garden. 

Reportedly, Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland is also the only gated community farm project in India that offers high returns while allowing investors to enjoy a peaceful stay in their farmhouse. The project includes 4-star resorts and sports arenas within the community, and in-house experts take care of the complete maintenance of the farmland.

In addition to the financial benefits, owning a farmhouse in Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland offers numerous advantages, including connecting with nature, a perfect weekend getaway destination, earning profits through harvested crops, staying away from pollution, hedging against inflation, and enjoying high returns through long-term investment. 

The farmland also provides additional services such as caretakers, horticulturists, geologists, and engineers to help customize the farmhouse according to the client’s needs.

Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland’s proximity to Bangalore and Hosur’s industrial developments makes it an attractive investment opportunity. The area is witnessing significant developments by the government of Tamil Nadu, including the expansion of Hosur to Denkanikottai and Hosur to Thally road as a 4-lane highway, and the development of Denkanikottai to Panchapalli road as a 60-feet road. The industrial hub of Hosur, home to companies such as TVS, Ashok Leyland, Titan, GMR SEZ, and Hosur Sipcot 2, is just an hour away from the farmland.

The sandalwood plantation in Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland offers investors a potential return of 1.5 crores to 1.8 crores upon harvesting. Sandalwood is known as the second most expensive wood in the world, with a price of INR 16,000 per kg for heartwood and INR 4500 for sapwood.

Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland’s business model has received a boost due to the ongoing trends of work-from-home, online studies, and the demand for retirement homes. The project also offers the option of renting out the farmhouse to the 4-star resort operator for guests, generating additional income for investors.

Investing in real estate is a wise decision, but investing in a sustainable real estate project that also promotes nature conservation is a decision that aligns with the collective responsibility towards the environment. With its focus on sustainability and unique revenue-based farmhouse model, Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland is setting itself apart as a trailblazing farmland project in India.

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