Art Festival comes to Namma Bengaluru – An Exhibition of Justice

TEDxBangalore to organize Mega Art Exhibition


TEDX Bangalore brings one of Bengaluru’s largest contemporary art exhibitions to mark their 10th Anniversary. The event is articulated around the theme ‘An Exhibition of Justice’ which speaks volumes about JUSTICE – in a positive, artistic way. There will be a diverse collective of art from 17 different artists from India and was inaugurated today by leading artists of Bengaluru.

When trust is at an all-time low, safe spaces become vital. So, TEDX Bangalore decided to use it to create Safe Spaces and explore what JUSTICE means to Indians. Visit theRangoli Art Center from April 22-30 to experience An Exhibition of Justice and view bold artwork from artists all over India.

Justice in the Indian context is a fragmented and inequitable artifact. So, TEDX Bangalore curated artwork from local creators to spark fresh ideas and meaningful conversations about justice today. It is vital to encourage dialog on justice because it’s an issue that’s out of sight and out of mind for the vast majority of people until they directly encounter the need for rule of law.

According to Mr. Sartaj Anand – Curator of TEDX Bangalore – “An Exhibition of Justice is part of a series of satellite events leading to our upcoming conference TEDX Bangalore – Safe Spaces, hosted at the Bangalore International Center (BIC)on May 28. We’re aiming to mobilize activism through art and will also be digitizing the entire experience to ensure the power of ideas worth spreading remains inclusive. Art has always been a playground for revolutionary ideas and I hope this exhibition will challenge us, provoke us, and force us to unpack our notions of justice, fairness, and equity. We look forward to welcoming everyone to this intervention.”

The TEDxBangalore – An Exhibition of Justice, art exhibition will be a nine-day event and the artists are available on selectdays to give insight of their work.

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