Autoimmune Diseases & Lupus Awareness and Fund-Raising Event on 12th May 2023, At Ravindra Kalakshethra, J. C. Road, Bengaluru

The Immunology & Arthritis Research & Education Trust (IARET) is organizing a one-day awareness and fund-raising event for Lupus and Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease management on the occasion of World Lupus Day – 2023 at Ravindra Kalakshethra, Bengaluru on the 12th of May 2023. Patients, Students, Medical practitioners and the General public will be vastly benefitted from this program.

Main agenda of the event

*Sensitize patients; students, both medical and non-medical; medical practitioners; policy makers; and the general public about this silent-killer disease that’s often misdiagnosed.

*Create awareness that these diseases are manageable especially if they are detected and treated early.

• Provide healthcare support to financially deprived lupus patients.

What is Autoimmune Disease & Lupus?

⚫ Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases (AIRDS) are characterized by immunological manifestations of excessive self-reactive, antigen-driven, immune response.

Pathogenesis is the result of genetic predisposition, environmental insults such as infections, chemical and physical agents, hormonal alterations, as well as stressful life events.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease, causing inflammation and tissue damage in the affected organs, including the joints, skin, brain, lungs, kidneys, and blood vessels.

It can range from mild to life-threatening with only medical interventions and lifestyle changes available to control the disease as there is no cure.

Lupus management lasts for a lifetime and is very expensive.

In India alone Lupus prevalence has been reported to be 3.2 per 100,000. The lack of healthcare affordability from the economically weaker section of the Indian population poses an entirely different challenge altogether.

Lupus Support Fund

Lupus and Autoimmune Diseases are not covered sufficiently under third party insurance, majority of government schemes including Ayushman Bharat. In view of that, majority of the patients faces a lot of hardship in taking proper treatment.

In order to help as much as possible, IARET has instituted a Lupus Support Fund to provide more affordable healthcare to economically weaker sections of the population. Contributions from the general public, corporate CSR funding, philanthropists, etc., are directed to this support fund.

All the proceeds of this program will be dedicated to this Lupus Support Fund to provide more

affordable healthcare to economically weaker sections of the population.

Events of the day

Event 1: Yoga and lifestyle in Autoimmune Disease & Lupus – Live demonstration of Yoga-Workshop-Lectures by experts and counsellors

Event 2:Medical exhibition on Immune system, Rheumatology & Autoimmune Diseases through models and posters from students of medical, life science and other paramedical colleges

Event 3:Sangeetha Sambhrama, an Infotainment by renowned singer, Gaana Gandharva Shri. Shashidhar Kote & party

Yoga & lifestyle

Yoga interventions are seen as a good lifestyle recommendation as a restorative practice during all Lupus stages. One such technique is the Yoga-nidra that has been supported by scientific studies. It has also been shown that holistic treatments such as Yoga significantly improve and reduce the psycho-somatic symptoms, pain perception, disability quotient, joint flexibility, range of motion, posture, muscle strength, coordination, and disease activity.


Lectures will be given by expert Rheumatologists and Aayush doctors. While the list of specialists from Aayush will be released shortly, the Rheumatology panellists are,

*Dr. S. Chandrashekara MD, DNB, DM Medical Director, ChanRe Rheumatology & Immunology Center & Research, Bengaluru Dr.

*P. Renuka DCP, DNB NABL Assessor, Director & Pathologist, ChanRe Diagnostics Laboratory, Bengaluru

*Dr. B.G. Dharmanand MD, DM Rheumatologist, Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru


Indian Rheumatology Association (IRA), Indian Rheumatology Association-Karnataka Chapter (IRA-KC), ChanRe Rheumatology & Immunology Center & Research (CRICR), ChanRe Diagnostic Laboratory (CDL), Nagarathna Srikantiah Paramedical College (NSPC)

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