India’s First-of-its-kind Sustainable Experience Centre “ATUM LIFE” opens its 1st outlet in Bengaluru

The ATUM Life Experience Centre is a one-stop shop for all sustainable products to build a sustainable lifestyle. ATUM Life offers a broad selection of certified eco-friendly items ranging from FMCG to electronics, sustainable building materials to integrated solar roofing, recycled fashion to electric mobility

Bengaluru, 17th May 2023: ATUM Life, an initiative of Visaka (a Hyderabad-based leading indigenous sustainable, eco-friendly building materials company), opened its first Sustainable Experience Centre outlet in MG Road, Bengaluru. From FMCG to electronics, sustainable building materials to integrated solar roofing, recycled fashion to electric mobility, ATUM Life offers a diverse range of certified sustainable products keeping the needs and desires of its customers in mind. It provides a platform for start-ups keen on developing sustainable products and looking to promote them. A grand occasion marked the launch of ATUM Life in the presence of Mr. Vamsi Gaddam, Founder, celebrities, and other dignitaries from the industry.

ATUM Life’s vision is to “create a better world by adopting sustainable and renewable living practices. Its primary objective is to offer sustainable products to the consumers and safeguard the interest of the manufacturers by providing them a platform to develop sustainable products and sell through ATUM Life Experience Centres”.

Some of the key product categories showcased at the ATUM Life Experience Centre include Organic Grocery & Food, Clothing, Cosmetics and Skin Care, Footwear and Lifestyle Accessories, Home & Kitchen Electric Vehicle, Building Products, Sustainable Fashion, and more.

Announcing the launch of the ATUM Life Experience Centre in Bengaluru, Mr. Vamsi Gaddam, Founder, conveyed, “We are delighted to enter the Bengaluru market where people are innately environmentally conscious and the market for sustainable products is ever-expanding. The concept of ATUM Life is simple, thought-provoking, and based on the philosophy that – if we do not change our living practices and our lifestyle, we will adversely impact our planet and the lives of our future generations”.

“ATUM Life combines futuristic technology and recycled/upcycled products for consumers. It aims to collaborate with start-ups with an eco-friendly mindset right down to the down to the consumer bringing all-things-sustainable under one roof” he further added.

Every product in the ATUM Life Experience Centre is unique and a team comprising in-house experts evaluate the viability of each. In order to be featured in the Experience Centre, products should be significantly eco-friendly and contribute to a sustainable living. ATUM Life is a veritable treasure trove of all things sustainable.

The company is planning to launch ATUM Life Experience Centres across all major metro cities by the end of 2023 and some of the key projects are already making headway. ATUM Life is built and designed entirely with their own sustainable manufacturing product – Vnext Fibre Cement Board – an eco-friendly alternative to plywood and gypsum, a popular choice for interior designers.

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