A baby recounts what her Mom did to her on Mother’s Day – Woodward’s Gripe Mothers Day campaign

Woodward’s Gripe Water, the 170 year old brand that is synonymous with child care celebrated Mother’s Day with a an heart-warming Mother’s Day campaign. Woodward’s Gripe Water has always been a mother’s trusted friend and a go to solution for colic related problems. An Ayurvedic formulation, Woodward’s Gripe Water has earned the trust of millions of mothers across generations. Most mothers’ have said that, every time the baby cries, one cannot run to a Doctor. And if the baby cries in the middle of the night, it is even worse. That’s where Woodward’s is a handy solution and has earned mothers’ trust. When a baby cries, most often that’s because the baby is suffering from accumulation of gas in the stomach. They stop taking their feed, they spit the feed and so on apart from crying. Woodward’s Gripe Water relieves gas, acidity, indigestion and other stomach related problems, making the baby comfortable and happy once again.

Woodward’s Gripe Water is the market leader in the Gripe Water segment by a large margin in India.

“The insight was that a mother gives up a lot from the time she becomes pregnant to child birth and after. So much so, she actually forgets herself and the baby becomes her world. She smiles when the baby smiles, she is happy when the baby starts walking, talking, eats well, smiles at her and so on. Outside of this, she gives up everything for the baby and she feels it is worth it” says Taffline.C, Vice President, Optima Response, the agency responsible for creating this campaign.
The whole campaign idea revolves around this central thought and how ‘Moms forget to smile’ during this period. The campaign was elevated when it was said from a child’s POV. After all, for a mother, the ultimate joy comes from her child’s recognition of what she goes through every day.

Saket Govind, AGM – Marketing, TTK Healthcare says “When Optima presented the script for Mother’s day, we immediately recognised the power of the insight and how it will resonate with Mothers, our core audience for Woodward’s. Sacrifices which every mother makes and the joy of a happy baby is truly unparalleled to any other joy in the world; motherhood is such an universal emotion. No wonder the film has garnered 5.6 Million Views in just 2 days across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Comments like ‘Touching’, ‘Heart Warming’ etc. really make us feel warm & really proud about this campaign. Watch this space for more such innovative ideas this year.”

The film was released across social platforms late on Friday evening and by Sunday, Instagram had garnered 4 million views and another 1.2 million views in Facebook in under 2 days. The film was trending in several platforms as it was widely shared by the Mothers.

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