Proud that MJSPR worked for Mr. Siddaramaiah in his constituency during the last leg of the poll battle under my leadership as a Strategist – M J Srikant

Bengaluru: I and my Team MJSPR, were part of the last leg of the poll campaign for Mr. Siddaramaiah in Varuna constituency. The final leg of the campaign was hectic as well as very crucial.  Mr. C B Shashidhar, a Congress leader from Tiptur who was given the Varuna constituency war room responsibility, recognizing the potential of MJSRP political war room expertise under my leadership as a political strategist roped us in for the campaign.

We opened a war room in Mysuru, pooled & immediately located a team size of 35 members to Varuna who were already working in different war rooms since last 2 years, hence started off briskly both online and offline campaigns in the constituency, besides working out strategies to increase the visibility of the contestant. We first identified a set of booths where there was a need for a lot of improvisation in terms of both the messaging and effective communication of the vitals, there we completely focused our total strategies and campaign to increase the vote share in these polling booths specifically. It was great learning working in Varuna Constituency war room because the candidate being none other than Shri. Siddaramaiah. 

I & my team would like to congratulate him on becoming the Chief minister of the state once again.

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