Adamya Chetana announces Anantha Namana 2019 , a mega event dedicated to pay tribute to Shri AnanthKumar from 30 ” Dec , 2018 to 01st Jan 2019 in Bengaluru

Bengaluru : Adamya Chetana ( www . adamyachetana . org ) was set up in 1998 by late Shri AnanthKumar in memory of his late mother Smt . Girija Shastry and her indomitable spirit in helping others till the very end despite her own difficulties . He himself followed his mother ‘ s path . in putting the nation and others first . Both in his career and through Adamya Chetana , he drearnt of and strived towards building a better nation.

Adamya Chetana , Working in the fields of Anna – Akshara – Aarogya , serves hot , tasty and nutritious mid – day meals to Over 1 lakh students . It also runs a number of programs in Complementing school learning of children , children ‘ s health , green lifestyle and village development.

Adamya Chetana recently lost its Chief Patron and guiding light Shri AnanthKumar and the state of Karnataka and the nation lost a true pathot . But we have not lost sight of the goals , direction or mission he set us upon . Even on the day of Shi AnanthKumar ‘ s passing mid – day meals were prepared for the school children without any interruption – a reflection of Shri AnanthKumar ‘ s dedication to work and nation by Adamya Chetana .

Shri AnanthKumar has been described by luminaries from all walks of life as a true national leader who worked across the aisles to make progress , Someone who innovated Continuously to implement solutions like neem Coated ured and stent price reduction , an irreplaceable link between Karnataka and Delhi , a gentleman politician who stood for clean and good governance , a Voracious reader , an orator par excellence , an ever smiling person and a warm human being , among others.

Coming from a very humble background , the fact that he was able to achieve so much for his state and country is not only remarkable , but can also be a source of inspiration for many

With exactly this intention , Adamya Chetana is organising a mega event Ananth Namana 2019 , an event dedicated to pay tribute to Shri AnanthKumar and his contributions to the Society ,

Event : Anantha Namana 2019 , a tribute to Shri AnanthKumar

Date : 30 / 12 / 2018 – 01 / 01 / 2019

Venue : National High School Grounds , Basavanagudi , Bengaluru

The event will comprise Chitra Namana (a unique photo exhibition depicting life journey of Shd AnanthKumar), Geeta Namana (songs in tribute) and Nudi Namana (Words of tibute).

They hope that this 3 day program will inspire and motivate many others to follow the path of shri. Ananthakumar.

For more information, contact: Mr. Muralidhar 98455 – 15726

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